onsdag 19 december 2012

The two last chapters of the Star Wars-athlon

I seem to have come to the end of the Star Wars-athlon I begun as soon as I got my hands on the Beta. It's taken too long time - and I have to rethink that strategy for the future. Thats why I condensed the to last chapters; The Game Master and Adversaries to one post – and decided to skip the introductory adventure Crates of Krayts.

About the Game Master part – it's a short chapter (7 pages) where you get suggestions about how to run the game, how to use Fear – which feels sort of unlinked to the rest of the setting and rules (except the pure mechanics of it), how to award xp (the Force is XP-ensive*),  and how to use the Obligation, Motivation and Destiny points. It's an okay chapter, some useful stuff, for sure, but some also hidden in walls of text.

The good part of the rules for Adversaries are that they are divided into minions, henchmen, and nemeses and they behave different visavi strain, crit's and the ability to merge or use skills. The lista of adversaries are comprehensive – just what you'd like when you start a new RPG.

So – I'll move on to the Beginners Game, which seems interesting with it's learn-the-rules-as-you-play approach and some new cool FATE Core stuff (support them and get the new FATE rules).

*It would take you a bit short of ten sessions to get a Force rating of 2, and that's if you put all your xp in that basket.

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