onsdag 5 december 2012

Starships en masse

Well, I'm back. Finally – after a tedious, slow and kind of boring November. I've just read the Starship chapter in Edge of the Empire, and I like it.

The chapter is somewhat similar to the conflict and weapons chapters, meaning: you can see how the rules overlap – which is good.

It starts of by describing ship and vehicle characteristics; handling, speed, silhouette, hull integrity, system strain, hard points, defense and armor. I specifically like how silhouette helps you handle different sizes of ships and determine how difficult it is to hit smaller ships (as one would like it to be in the Star Wars universe).

Hard point is also a good thought – it limits how much you can customise your ship.

After this descriptions you have listings of different ship to ship weapons, ranging from blaster cannons to proton torpedoes. Nothing out of the ordinary but there are som useful parts about handling linked weapons and limited ammo on starships.

Starship and vehicle combat resembles normal combat but you have different maneuvers – such as accelerate/decelerate, evasive maneuvers, punch it, angle deflector shields etc. The starship actions are what you would expect; damage control, gain the advantage, combat check etc.

The obligatory dice pool assembling is as before rather tedious to read, as it is interspersed with small symbols for triumphs, advantages, despair, threat and dice squares. Two tables describe how you can use the different symbols – e.g. three advantages or a triumph could be used to:

  • Reduce target enemy's defense by half
  • Ignore penalizing stellar effects such as dust clouds etc
  • Perform one free pilot only maneuver
  • Force the target vehicle to veer of and loose Aim or Stay on target actions.
As in the combat chapter the list is not an absolute but more like guidelines and suggestions to the players and GM, which is good.

A few pages are dedicated to damage, critical hits and the like for ships and vehicles – where the crit hit list follows the same recipe as in normal combat.

The chapter ends with list of different planetary vehicles/ships and how to customise them. You have everything from airspeeders, speeder bikes, AT-PT, AT-EST to TIE/LN fighters, Y-wings, freighters (such as the Millenium Falcon and Slave I – which I don't have a clue what their trading names are), and corvettes etc. No X-wing though – how lame is that?

All in all a very good chapter - I  look forward to testing out the starship combat. 

Coming up next: the Force.

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